How to Succeed as a Musician During COVID-19?

During COVID-19, it is challenging to remain positive as an aspiring musician. 

Perhaps, the bars you usually perform at are closed. Possibly, your shows were canceled. 

Musicians really work hard to perform in a stage to share their talents, make people happy, and inspire others. 

But with the strict implementation of lockdown, it would be difficult to get it done. But don’t worry! While everyone is advised not to go out, there are ways to be productive and successful in this unprecedented time. Here are a few practical tips you can weigh in mind: 

Learn a New Material 

Your fans will always look for something new, so surprise them with a performance they have never witnessed since lockdown. 

While perfecting your piece, it’s time to learn a new material that would help expand your experience and widen your skills. Don’t be satisfied with what and who you are as a musician. Go out of your comfort zone. 

Finish Some of Your Old Projects 

Of course, you have other interests aside from being a musician. Perhaps, you have started some projects and are unable to complete them because of many gigs. 

Today is different. You have a lot of time to continue some of your projects. Whether you have begun designing your merchandise or establishing a YouTube Channel, it’s ideal for turning them into a reality now. 

Write Down Your Thoughts

How do you feel about social distancing? You’re probably saddened by the news circulating online. 

Maybe, you are distracted from creating your own music because of the negativity everywhere. It’s all right! Try to get a piece of paper. Then, write down your thoughts. An excellent idea might cross your mind. We never know until you give it a shot. 

Try to Use a Different Musical Instrument 

Let’s say you have mastered playing the piano. What’s next? It’s advisable to learn a new musical instrument. If you haven’t tried the guitar or violin, it would be productive to try them during your leisure time. 

Yes, it would be complicated to learn a different musical instrument. But there’s a wide array of platforms you can use. You can browse YouTube and other popular websites to access some useful tutorials. 

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