Why Do Girls Fall Head Over Heels for Musicians?

Have you attended a concert by a famous band? How’s your experience? Have you seen girls went crazy when members strummed the guitar, played the drums, and sang their latest song? 

If yes, you might be wondering why do girls fall head over heels for musicians. 

Music was created to charm the opposite sex, according to Charles Darwin. 

A recent study indicated that women found musicians attractive, especially when they are at the peak of their menstrual period. 

Another study found that women prefer sitting next to the musician deem as the most competent during live concerts. 

What are the other reasons why girls fall in love with musicians? Some of them are highlighted below: 

Overflowing Creativity 

Generally, musicians always aim for originality. They try things beyond their comfort zone. They even do some experiments to improve their skills and expertise. They can turn every simple word into meaningful and uplifting melodies, which females love and enjoy. 

Skilled to Provide Good and Lively Atmosphere 

As guitarists strum their instruments, you might sing along to the rhythm, creating a good atmosphere. Particularly, it uplifts the spectator’s mood and takes the liveliness of the concert into the next level. 

Emotionally Intelligent Individuals

Male musicians are not as expressive as you know. But when they play their instrument, women are able to see their emotional side. It is also a good opportunity for women to realize what makes their favorite band plays a specific song. This means men can display sensitivity, compassion, and empathy thru their music. 

They are Sexier than Any Other Males 

Aside from that, women find male musicians more attractive, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Vienna. After listening to instrumental music, women rated the attractiveness of male musicians with their neutral facial expressions. The study further indicated that the female participants were more likely to date these male musicians. 

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